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16 September 2010

Heartfelt congratulations on our B-litter´s 3rd Birthday on
11 September and today on the A-litter´s 5th Birthday!

Thefrom the left: Marcus, Kaya and Shani as babies

* * *

Paula, Abeni, Lisa, Kani, Kira, Lena, Umbra, Bhanu, Ani

and Kanzi in our hearts

26 June 2010

We´re very happy to celebrate Diva´s 8th Birthday today!
She´s fit as a fiddle, her tail never stands still and she is
always searching for soft and warm spots. Well, typically Diva.
We´re looking very much forward to many more years with
you, sweet australian cangaroo ;o)!

The past weeks have been very hard for us, since we almost
Leo two times after he had bloated and also after post-surgical
complications. I will report in detail as soon as possible.
Anyhow ... so we´re not just happy to celebrate Divie´s Birthday
today, but also that we can this with the whole tribe.

24 March 2010

From time to time I am questioned about our "Oldies" ...
yes, older they have become indeed, and greyer their faces
(in Diva´s case very grey!).
Here come some current pictures of the two "tearaways":

Leo, aged 10 years

* * *

Diva, aged 7 3/4 years

Miss March - nicely ridged ;o)

In the vineyards ...

10 March 2010

Our Diva has become grandmother again - there are currently two
litters, descending from our A-litter, in Slovakia on the ground:

Tusani Kennels, K-litter, 3/3 puppies whelped on March, 07

Sire: Multiple BISS HillValley´s African Bhanu Zulu

Dam: Grand & Multiple Ch Macumazahn Tusani Pearl

* * *

Luanda Kennels, B-litter, 0/1 puppies whelped on March, 03

Sire: Dual Ch Thornberry Akala

Dam: Grand & Multiple Ch HillValley´s Angel for Luanda

* * *

We are very excited about the safe arrival of these babies and extend
our heartiest congratulations to all involved!

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