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The Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred as gun- and watch dog, today they are mostly kept as family-dogs.

Ridgebacks are demanding dogs with a lot of qualities, they are sensitive and intelligent, excellent learners, love to move and "work", are vigilant and preferably refer to one special person (which THEY choose...).

Their body-language is expressively and they have a quite natural behavioural repertoire. The process of maturing mostly continues till their third year in bitches and till their fourth year in dogs.

Not to forget their explicit sense for comfort: soft beds or a long sun-bath are always most welcome!



To me, their most remarkable charcteristc is their personality - many of them are marked with a loads of individuality. You can not "own" them - at best they own their folks.



An impressive representative of his breed Aust Grand Champion Annabarh Barrister Brown (Photo Sue Cameron-Codognotto).


About the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback exist a lot of good and interesting publications.

If you should be interested in sharing your life with a Rhodesian Rideback, please contact your local Ridgeback-clubs or breeders. Clubs and breeders can be found at LINKS.

Please purchase a puppy only from a FCI-acknowledged (or Canine Body of your country) breeder, this shall help to ensure you buy at a reliable breeder and in that way a -although it might sound harshly- a "quality" pup.

Thank you!

You could imagine to share your life with a "second-hand" Ridgeback?
So please contact your local RR-rescue organisation (you will find some at LINKS).

© 2004 Kathrin Sonnenberg and Richard Gerlinger-Sonnenberg