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d.o.b. 15.12.1999
ridgeless, neutered

> Photos by Milada Krchnavá

Leo was so to speak the beginning of a wonderful relationship, not just because we met him and are honoured to share our life with him, through him we also got to know the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback and met a lot of lovely dog-folks.

Leo is a dog who has a certain affinity to go to extremes ... he extremely loves to eat good and ample of food, loves to bark a lot and loud, has the ability to be very very happy about things and persons, loves to get exercise with enormous energy, is never opposed to play a game or trick and loves to work out his commandos enthusiastically. So, fortunately all his extremes are positive of kind.

By the way, many of his characteristics are what what mostly would be called "atypical" for a Ridgeback ...!?

He has the loveable nature of a big child und brings us very much joy - he truly is a very special family-member to us!

Leo is/was trained in different activity-sectors (no trials, just for fun) like Obedience, Agility, Rescue dog training and tracking training. More about it at ACTIVITIES.

Since a little time he is sharing his life, love and bed with a beautiful young lady: "Diva", more about our special girl HERE.

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