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15 December 2009

Always special, always funny, always hungry, always boisterous -
not much has changed about Leo during the last decade ;o).
Today our "little boy" turns 10 years old ... how time flies!
We wish you a
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope you´ll stay
with us for many more years!

10 December 2009

"Kanzi", Hillvalley´s Amber Lady

Two days ago I received a message that "Kanzi" has left us forever.
My heart is heavy and our thoughts go out to her owners
Jecqueline and Marco, who loved her so much and finally had to
made the hardest decision.
She will be sorely missed by all of us, rest in peace sweet girl!

16 September 2009

We´re sending a bit belayed, but heartfelt "Happy Birthday" to our
B-litter, who has turned 2 years old on 11 September.
Big congratualtions to


Also, our A-litter is celebrating their Birthday, the ten
"Ladies and Gentleman" already turn 4 years old today:


I´m very proud of you all - stay happy and healthy and keep your
folks entertained ;o)!

17 May 2009

A lot has happened during the past weeks, here come our most important
news in a nutshell:

"Bhanu" BISS HillValley´s African Bhanu Zulu won the Coursing at Gelsenkirchen/D on 16 May. Twice as nice for owners Silvia and Christian:
the second place stays in the family, since their other boy
"Bheko" Corleo´s Cobheko Bean got it ;o)!

Coursing-Winners: 1st Bhanu (left), 2nd Bheko (middle), right side ???

* * *

"Ani" BISS EW´08 Multi Ch HillValley´s Angel for Luanda has been
extremely successful once more. She receveid another three CC´s on
08.-10.May ... just one week after she was honoured to be awarded the title

***Slovakian Grand Champion***

She is the first Livernose-Ridgeback to carry this prestigious title.
Provided I counted correctly she has amassed no less than 35 CC´s
to date ... wow!

Owner Milada Krchnavá, Luanda Kennels, was also happy to receive two
new Juniorchampion-titles for her offspring out of Ani!

Ani (middle) with her daughter Lexi (left) and son Enzo (right)

* * *

Big, big congratulations on all these wonderful achievements!

* * *

Recently lovely Carina, Chrstian and "Lisa" HillValley´s Assegai Fire
paid us a visit. We had a great time and enjoyed each others company,
here comes a snapshot from our trip to the "Wehyerer Weinpanorma"

* * *

And last but not least a lovely picture I received from the owner of
HillValley´s Arctic Blue. It shows Paula and her best buddy
Thank you, Dietmar!

20 March 2009

Yesterday was a black day for us ...

since Monday we knew our upcoming C-litter would consist of only one
puppy, but it seems Mother Nature didn´t even grudge us that little
bitch pup, when she was stillborn on 19th March. We are very, very sad,
since this little angel would have been Diva´s successor - a correct
livernosed girl, which we would have named "HillValley´s Crown Jewel".
Rest in peace, little angel ...
This was Diva´s last litter.

Thank you very much to everyone, who has been thinking of us or called.
Please give me a couple of days.

11 march 2009

The swedish mental test for the daddy-to-be of our upcoming litter,
Ch Rex Ventors Hero to Evergrace, is no also available in english.
Please check the
planned litter section for further information.

* * *

A bit delayed comes an update regarding
EW`08 BISS Multi Ch HillValley´s Angel for Luanda, she recently
was chosen to be on the front cover of the slovak dog magazine PES!

Our beautiful covergirl "Ani" ;o)

02 march 2009

Super great show news from Groningen/NL:
I received the a message saying that
BISS HillValley´s African Bhanu Zulu
was shown yesterday with phantastic results, he was
BOB along with CAC and CACIB for judge Mr Joop Hiddes/NL,
but the icing on the cake was his

photo:, Thank you, Ilse!

One day later Bhanu was placed as 9th Best-in-Show (all breeds level)
by judge Mr Luis Pinto Texeira/P out of more than 2000 competing dogs.
We are so proud of you guys!!

Bhanu Best in Group VI

Thank you group judge Mr Norman Deschuymere/B!

24 Februar 2009

Ultrasound has confirmed that Diva is pregnant!
We are looking very much forward to our
C-litter, which is due 17 March!

11 February 2009

Our handsome offspring boy BISS HillValley´s African Bhanu Zulu has
become a Daddy for the very first time!
His fiancé Bawean od Kovárovské hurky "Cita" whelped 4/5 strong
and healthy puppies today. We´re very happy together with breeder
Katka Leipertová and Bhanu´s owners Silvia and Christian, big
congratulations on a very nice litter! Further informations and pictures
can be viewed at Bawean´s Hope Kennel/CZ.

* * *

Amazing success for Bhanu´s sister
BISS EW´08 Multi Ch HillValley´s Angel for Luanda! Over the past
weekend at the dual international show in Brno/CZ she received the following honours:
2 x CAC and 2 x CACIB,
qualification for 2010,
and on sunday she went all the way to
BOB and BIG-2!

But the icing on the cake was that these elsusive points make her now a
***Grandchampion of Czech Rep.*** !
She is the first livernosed Ridgeback to be awarded this title.
It is truly extraordinary to see what Ani and owner Milada have achieved
so far and I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the both
of you. Thank you for flying our flag so high. Milada Luanda Kennels/SK
also saw her offspring from Ani winning two awards that weekend.
What more could you ask for ;o) ?!

Amazing Ani!

19 January 2009

We´re back from our mating-trip to Sweden and had a great time at
Eva´s and her family, thank you very much! As everyone knows,
travelling is not only fun, but also educational ... this time I learned
that "up north" fish or for example tomatoes & mozzarella cheese
can be packed in squeezing tubes ;o).
Int D Ch VDH-EW´04 Ozrhode Wild Inspiration was mated to
S N Ch Rex Ventors Hero to Evergrace on 15th and 16th January.
We hope Diva to be in whelp and would be expecting pups around
17th March. Further information on the parents to be of our C-litter
can be found either in the menu left or

* * *

We also received the badge for 2009 as officially recognized
breeders with VDH/FCI, which implies we follow their strict
requirements for breeding.

12 January 2009

The individual pages of Bhanu and Ani have been updated.

* * *

Biggest congratulations on this new year´s first CAC-win for Milada
and her Ani
BISS EW´08 Multi Ch HillValley´s Angel for Luanda,
awarded at the Show in Olomouc/CZ under judge Mr Stefan Stefík.

* * *

And here come some piccies from a winter-walk, taken last weekend.
The dogs enjoyed themselves and the beautiful weather immensely,
nevertheless were happy to have "two coats" on ;o).

Winter Queen "Shani"

Above and below is "Diva"

09 January 2009

The planned litter section has been updated with additional
pictures of the sire-to-be Ch Rex Ventors Hero to Evergrace.

07 January 2009

The new year has started with brilliant news!

We are very proud on the lastest achievement of our homebred beauty
BISS Multi Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda, who went pointscorewinner
of the slovak RR-Club SHCKR and thus was awarded the title
"Champion of the Year 2008"
This is the third consecutive year, in which Ani gained a top placement in this competition. Excellent job, Milada and Ani!!

BISS Multi Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda (liver)

* * *

Furthermore, I was informed we´ll have grandkids again ;o) - Ani´s
litter brother Bhanu
BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu will become
father for the first time. The pregnancy of his czech bride, lovely "Cita"
a.k.a. Bawean od Kovářovské hůrky, has now been confirmed.
The litter is expected around 10th February 2009 at
Bawean´s Hope Kennel (CZ).
We keep our fingers crossed for breeder Katka Leipertová and of course Cita!

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