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17 Dezember 2006

Mega congratulations to the winning team around
Hillvalley´s Arican Bhanu Zulu: at the CACIB Show in Wijchen/NL he was the only junior male to be awarded an Excellent quality grading and won his class with JCAC. He then proceeded to be become 2nd best male and was awarded Res.CAC among the adults, only beaten by a Champion.
Judge Mr Jan Hiddes/NL gave him a very favourable critique.
This was Bhanu´s second JCAC in Holland ... one more to go, Silvia and Christian ;o)!

both photos: Ilse Hulsebos

15 December 2006

Another year has passed by ... we believe they are his best ones ;o) - our Leo turns 7 years old today!!!

Happy Birthday!

04 December 2006

Last weekend Catharina and her girl Lena aka Hillvalley´s Artful Creation passed the approval test for rescue dogs!!!
Below some tasks from the test:
- behaviour towards strangers and even letting them carry the tested dogs
- passing a parcours under difficult circumstances (walking on various undergrounds, chainsaw noise, fire, drums, dressed up and limping persons, walk through a tunnel etc.)
- behaviour towards other dogs
- basic obedience and bonding with the master

The test was organised by Johanniter Rescue Association, the testers were various rescuedog-unit instructors.

I am more than happy with the achievements of the both of them and I am sure, that Lena will continue her training successfully ... no wonder regarding the super support by Catharina ;o)!

Lena, our Rhodesian Recueback ;o)

* * *

Some more nice results, achieved in a completely different section: Diva´s handsome fiancé Multi Ch Tarujen Mabaru - sire to be of our
B-litter, went
at last weekend´s Club-Specialtyshow in Helsinki/FIN, as well as
best gaited and best ridged Ridgeback. Phantastic results, big congratulations to Miia, Tommi and breeder Anne Sassi!!!

photo: Miia Jokilahti

Our old guestbook has been a bit "confused" during the past months, so we decided to get a new one.

Thanks to all who have signed it so far, the old messages are still available through a link at the the bottom of the guestbook page ;o)!

Here comes the link to our new guestbook!

27 November 2006

Our handsome livernosed offspring Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu gained at the Winner Show in Amsterdam/NL on 26 November in Junior class a
2nd place with "Excellent" quality grading.
Judge Mr Robin Searle/IRL was quite strict overall, which makes this lovely result even worthier to us ;o).

Big congratulations to Bhanu, Silvia and Christian - way to go guys!

photo: Ilse Hulsebos

22 November 2006

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Miia &Tommi and of course Maru, the sire to be of our planned litter, on yet another great achievement: on the list of the Finnis Kennel Club Maru is

Nr.7 Top Show Dog of 2006 (all breeds)!

Very well done!!!

The section Planned litter has been revised ...

Marvellous: Maru! Photo taken by Miia Jokilahti

* * *

It was time to do a complete overhaul for our links section ... hope you enjoy browsing through the sites!

19 November 2006

Lovely news again from Ani and Milada!
At the CACIB Show in Prague/CZ
JCH Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda earned her elusive point for adding the title
*Czech Juniorchampion*
to her name!
Ani did it in grand style by going 1st in a strong Junior class, consisting of 16 competitors, with "Excellent" quality grading. Judge was Mr Jaroslav Matyás/SK.

Needless to say I am veeery proud, keep up the excellent work, Milada and Ani!

17 November 2006

JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda (Export Slovakia)
received her official x-ray results, we are very pleased about a

HD A/A, ED 0/0 and OCD free score for her!

Big congratulations ;o)!!!

* * *

I finally got around to update the new section about us in the menu, have a peak if you like.

15 November 2006

Last Sunday the second Reunion of the A-litter was held. I was very pleased that so many of our "Babies" and their owners had made the journey and would like to thank you all -including the guests of course- for coming!
Special regards to those siblings, who couldn´t attend this time ;o).

A big Thankyou to Dr. Dietmar Gabriel for letting me use the following pictures of our meeting!

Paula was the first to be at the spot ...

Kira and Lisa have discovered their brother Khani

Khani and Paula

Our walk went through the beautiful autumn-like Pfälzer Forest

Mama Diva is breathing the fresh air

Umbra was our "quota blacknose" that day, since the rest of the participating
siblings were Livers

Lisa refreshing herself after a good romp


And of course ... we had a delicious dinner after all these strains ;o)!

07 November 2006

Only the frontpicture has been changed ;o)

19 October 2006

We have created a new section "About us" in the menu, so far only avaliable in german.

* * *

The next Puppy-Get-Together will be on 12 November 2006 here in Neustadt/Wstr. Interested parties are heartily welcome and should contact me at for details.

11 October 2006

I received beautiful new pictures of *Khani* Hillvalley´s Al´Nair, many thanks to his owners!

10 October 2006

I am very pleased to announce that our Miss Diva gained her *International Championship Title* during the past weekend, she will now be known as Int D Ch EW´04 Ozrhode Wild Inspiration ;o)!

We clean "clean swept" classes at the Int. Show on 07 October in Charleroi/B under judge Mr M. Boitard/F, here are our results:

*Kira* - HV´s Ardent Spirit - 1st Exc in Junior bitches

*Bhanu* - HV´s African Bhanu Zulu - 1st Exc in Junior Dogs and
Junior of Breed

*Diva* - Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration - 1st Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS

(just a pity that Junior CC´s were not awarded at that Show).

Miss Diva and "Mum"

* * *

The same day Milada and *Ani* JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda kept the flag flying high for our Kennel by gaining an Exc and 2nd place in Junior bitches at the Int. Show in Ceské Budjovice under Judge Mrs Libuse Ubrová. Ani was a bit too happy in the ring and pretended to be a kangaroo ;o).

Big congratulations to all!!!

02 October 2006

And Ani´s good fortune continues ... during the weekend she gained an Excellent, 1st, JCAC at the Specialty in Sadská/CZ, judge Martina Viktorinová [Ropotamo Kennel/CZ] and another Excellent, 1st, JCAC at the National Show in Ódz/H under judge Mr Laszló Erdos.

Big congratulations!!!

Ani displaying her beautiful front

* * *

We also received new pictures from Abeni aka Hillvalley´s Abas Abeni and her family, click here.
Thank you very much, Birgit ;o)!

26 September 2006

The 10. anniversary SKCHR-Clubshow in Handlová/SK was quite a success for Milada and Ani aka Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda! Ani managed under breed specialist Karin van Klaveren/D [Kisangani Kennel] to win her class and bring home the third and decisive
Junior-CC to complete the title
Slovakian Juniorchampion Title!!! Yahooo;o)!

Photo: Tailor Made Kennel

Besides that, Ani was also awarded the Junior Club-CC and thus went Best Junior Bitch.

Ani has written slovakian RR-history in becoming the
first Livernose-Ridgeback to earn the JCh-title.
She gained her points within just 1 1/2 months by winning all three outings in Slovakia in a row!

This makes the second title for our Kennel and the first for Ani´s proud Mum Diva.

Big congratulations Milada - you make us very happy and proud with these wonderful achievements!

Photo: Tailor Made Kennel

20 September 2006

Abeni´s aka HV´s Abas Abeni page has been updated and we got news from Lena aka HV´s Artful Creation!

Lena & Catharina pictured August 2006

I recently received the message that Lena and Catharina have been participating in rescue-dog training for quite a while now.They even took part at the Kepmten Festival-Parade on 20.August. It is lovely to see what a great team they are - keep up the good work!

18 September 2006

Without further ado, three of the A-litter-siblings made themselves and their owners some nice birthday gifts on their own ;o), I am very pleased to announce the following results:

CACIB Show Zwolle/NL, judge Mr R. van Aken [Cartouche RR´s/RSA]

- *KIRA* HV´s Ardent Spirit in Junior bitches Excellent, 4th place (from her second outing in Juniors and 25 class-competitors!!!)

- *BAHNU* HV´s African Bhanu Zulu in Junior dogs Excellent, 1st place with JCAC and Res. CAC, thus making him 2nd best male of breed!

Bhanu & Silvia

Kira & Denise (thanks for the photo to Simon & Rian!)

* * * * *

Double-Clubshow CKRR/CZ, judge day 1 was Mrs Janet Wang [Nomvuyo RR´s/RSA] and judge day 2 was Mrs Orit Nevo [Rich-Rach RR´s/ISR]:

- *ANI* Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda in Junior bitches 2 x Excellent, 2nd place! Furthermore Ani was selected as having the 3rd Best Ridge ;o).

Ani presenting her trophies ;o)

Phantastic results, especially regarding the high entries and the judging
breed-specialists. Big congratulations to our "Babies" and their proud owners!

16 September 2006

We heartily congratulate our A-litter babies on their 1st Birthday and wish them and their owners happiness and joy in the years to come!

12 Sep 2006

We are back from our vacation at the North Sea Shore and we had great frun with our tribe, consisting of three adults, five kids and two dogs. Just a pity we couldn´t convince Leo and Diva to go sailing with us ;o).

Meanwhile our offspring gained some more nice show results:

CACIB Luxembourg, 02.09.06, judge Mr Ger Cox (IRL):
*Paula* HV´s Arctic Blue, Junior bitches -
Very Good
*Bhanu* HV´s African Bhanu Zulu, Junior dogs - Excellent.

*Ani* Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda achieved at
CAC Zemplén (H), 03.09.06 under judge László Kollonay
in Junior bitches Excellent 1, JCAC and at

CACIB Kecskemet (H) on 09.Sep 06 under judge Kardos Vilmos (H) Excellent 2.

Big congratulations, well done!

27 Aug 2006

Some pictures from our teriffic weekend with the dogs doing Lure Coursing!

Leo (in front) drawing ground ...

... shortly after you only see the dogs´ backside.

Round 2

Many thanks to Kiki Janson [Nombeko RR´s] for making this event possible and of course for the phantastic pictures!

21 Aug 2006

Great Show-success for Ani and Milada!

Last weekend a double CACIB-Exhibition was held in Bratislava/SK, this automatically offered a double chance for gaining CC points.
Milada and Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda did the hat-trick and were awarded 2 x 1st place with Exc and JCAC. This brings her tally to three wins in three shows and even more ... they are only one more point away from the slovak Juniorchampion-title ;o).
Big congratulations and way to go girls!!!

Ani with her Winners medal - gold suits her well ;o)!

15 Aug 2006

After a long time we finally received new pictures of
*KHANI* aka Hillvalley´s Al`Nair!


We received further pictures of our lovely Show-weekend in
Bad Wildungen/D, the individual sites of

*BHANU* Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu,
*PAULA* Hillvalley´s Arctic Blue and
*KIRA* Hillvalley´s Ardent Spirit have been updated!

Many thanks to Mr Dietmar Gabriel for the photographs!

A true sight: our breeders group, consisting of the ten months old livernosed siblings Bhanu, Kira and Paula!


At the Czech Clubshow on 05.08.´06 Ani and Milada managed a first place with Excellent quality grading, including Junior-CC under judge Mr Frantisek Simek/CZ.

My heartiest congratulations - I am also very proud and happy to see that Milada´s efforts and preparations with Ani paid off so beautifully. Way to go, girls! Read more at the website of Luanda Kennels, click HERE.

Winning in the rain ;o)

Line-up of a part of the class, Ani in front


Club E.L.S.A. Specialty, Bad Wildungen (D):

with an entry of approxiamtely 150 dogs the Specialty in Bad Wildungen could be amlost described as a RR-main event! Three of our offspring from the A-litter were entered, as well as our Miss "Diva", however, she didn´t compete due to my sore foot.

Here are the results:
HV´s Ardent Spirit *KIRA* - Junior bitches - Very Good grading (20+ competing bitches)
HV´s African Bhanu Zulu *BHANU* - Junior dogs - Excellent, 4th place (approx. 18 competing dogs).

It was the debut for both in Junior class, making them one of the youngest in their individual classes.

Judges were Ms Janet Parker (GB), Rejan Kennels and Ms Karin van Klaveren (D), Kisangani Kennels.

© M. Nowak
Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu, 10 Monate

© M. Nowak
"Gimme 5, mate!" - Bhanu and Silvia

© M. Nowak
Probably the most charming pighead in the world - Kira ;o)

We also took part in the Breeders Group Competition (Paula, Kira, Bhanu), but only the winner was announced (no, not us ;o)! ), a true sight with these stunning livernosed babies! Photos to come soon ...

Many thanks to our "Show-team" for excellent company ringside and big congratulations to the proud owners!!

© M. Nowak
Paula demonstrating her beautiful gait

I would also like to thank Melanie & Michael Nowak for the beautiful pictures.

Although belayed - another big congrats also to Milada and HV´s Angel for Luanda, who gained Excellent, 3rd place in Junior class at the CACIB-Show in Szombathely (H) on 23.07.06! Judge was Mr Stefan Stefík from Slovakia.


We are very pleased to announce the sire to be for our next litter in Spring 2007!

Further information about the upcoming combination at the Planned Litter section.

Multi Ch/ Multi Winner Tarujen Mabaru (FIN)


Just after turning old enough to compete from Junior Class ANI, aka Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda, gained a phantastic 2nd place with Excellent grading from 15 (!) young bitches entered at the CACIB-Show in Brno (SK). Ani was definitely the youngest in her class and, according to judge Mrs Ludmila Fintorová´s own words, only Ani´s a "little bit light eyes" prevented her from giving awarding the top honours ;o) ...Big congratulations - a wonderful achievement!!!

More information and pictures at Luanda Kennels/SK.


Here come the results of the Show Weekend 03. and 04. June 2006, Anniversary 30 years RRCD in Eisenach/Germany:

*DIVA* Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration - 1 x CC (VDH), 1 x Res. CC (VDH)
*KIRA* Hillvalley´s Ardent Spirit - 1 x Very Promising
*BHANU* Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu - 2 x Very Promising
Judges were Mrs Timmy Ralfe and Mr Wayne Wakfer, both RSA.

meanwhile at the Shows in Nitra and Senec/Slovakia
*ANI* Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda gained 2 x Very Promising

"Exhibitions can be great fun - Bhanu and Kira playing  during the break"


LISA, Hillvalley´s Assegai Fire, has new pictures at her site! Please click HERE.

DIVA´s gallery "Stacked and movement pictures" has been updated.


Once again we have some Show-News, however, no german ones ;o):

Hilvalley´s Angel for Luanda, ANI, was awarded BOS Puppy in Specialty Show, at the Clubshow of RRSK after having received her "very promising" quality grading.
This was followed by Ani´s great success in being honoured to be awarded 2nd Best Gaited in BISS, an amazing placement for this just 8 months old girl, who was only beaten by a Champion for this. Excellent job!

Looking good - Milada and Ani

Something special from Australia: at the Western Specialty Show on 14.05.2006 Diva´s mother, Aust Grand Ch Ozrhode Ari Mystic Gypsy E.T. was awarded Best in Specialty Show under breed specialist Mrs Orit Nevo (ISR) - not the usual thing at the age of 7.5 years ;o)! This brings Gypsy´s BISS wins to a total number of four.

Not a single sign of becoming a Veteran: Diva´s mother "Gypsy", January 2005


We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to "ABENI" aka Hillvalley´s Abas Abeni and her owners Birgit and Peter on passing her inofficial test at the end of her Junior-Obediencecourse in April 2006 ... way to go, we look forward to more successes like that! Her individual site has also been updated (please click on the name).

Gorgeous "ANI" aka Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda was once more awarded a "Very Promising 1" grading, this time at the Nat. Show on Bánska Bytsrica/SK under judge Mr Albín Luknár (SK), she competed in Puppy class.

A special achievement for Milada and Ani: they were qualified for the Honour Ring and were shortlisted for the final 6 dogs for Puppy in Show! Many congratulations!

Ani´s site has also been updated, her critique can be viewed at Kennel Luanda´s own page.

© Gabika Štefúňová

The following sites have also been updated:
- HV´s Ardent Spirit, "KIRA"
- HV´s African Bhanu Zulu, "BHANU"
- HV´s Arctic Blue, "PAULA"

We keep our fingers crossed for the quick recovery of "LENA", HV´s Artful Creation, who had to undergo surgery after breaking her frontleg - all our best wishes are with you!


Last weekend four dogs from our Kennel were off showing.

Here come the results from the RRCD Specialty Wermelskirchen/D, judge Mr Lothar Scheider:

HV´s African Bhanu Zulu, Bhanu, was awarded a Very Promissing in Male Puppy Class as well as his sister HV´s Arctic Blue, Paula, in Puppy Class Females. Mummy Diva gained a respectable Exc 2nd, Res. CC in Champion Class.

One day earlier Miladad and Hv´s Angel for Luanda, Ani, had entered for the CAC Show in Nitra/SK, they were honoured to be awarded Very Promissing, 1st Place under judge Mr Tibor Havelka/SK in Female Puppy Class.

It was wonderful to see and hear, how lovely all Youngsters performed (including Lisa, who had come to the show in Wermelskirchen in order to support her siblings) and I´d like to thank you all very much ;o)! Big Congratulations!



Paula (©Miriam Kirchner)

Paula (©Miriam Kirchner)

Bhanu (©Miriam Kirchner)

Diva (©Miriam Kirchner)

We had our A-litter reunion on 11 March 2006 taking place at the Pfälzer Forest. 7 out of 10 littermates and their humaniod families visited us, as well as some friends and we all had a very exciting and varied afternoon -- not at last due to the strange weather, which produced sunshine, rain, hail and snow ... !

Many thanks to all for coming, we were overjoyed to meet our "Babies" again.

Just a pity that Kira, Abeni and Ani could not join us, but they extended many hearty regards to their littermates ;o).

 a part of the participating "lot" ;o)

And that´s how it was hour after hour ... here showing Amber and friend Naala
(© Miriam Kirchner)

More photographs of the meeting with a big Thanks to Miriam Kirchner and Melanie Nowak HERE!


HV's African Bhanu Zulu has got his own website, please click on the logo to get there.


A photograph was added to the site of Hillvalley´s Abas Abeni, "Abeni"!

We have have updated our Diva´s Show Results from Wels/A and Fribourg/CH - and because we had such a lovely afternoon in Fribourg, we created a small new picture collection in our Photo Gallery.

Diva and Kathrin in front of the Nikki de St. Phalle Museum in Fribourg/CH.


On with more new pics...

HV´s Artful Creation, "Lena"
HV´s Arctic Blue, "Paula"

Heartly thanks to the owners!


"Ani" HV´s Angel for Luanda made her show debut at the CACIB-exhibition in Trenčín/SK on 28. January 2006 in Baby class and was awarded 1st place with "Very promising" quality grading!

The judge, Mr. V. Piskay, wrote as follows in his critique for Ani: "4 months old female, body and muscles developed adequately for her age, nice shape of the head, dry long neck, nice formed ridge, thorax and chest nicely developed for her age, very well angulated and nicely settled limbs, nice movement, excellent presentation and behaviour in the show ring."

My heartiest congratulations to Milada, Tom and Ani for such a nice debut. The pictures are in my eyes speaking for themselves, you can see how much effort Milada put into preparing Ani well for outing in the ring - super, I´m very proud of both of you ;o)!

More pictures can be viewed at the website of Luanda Kennel/SK or the RRSK, also provides full results (see symbols).


Just four months and already a photo-model ;o):
I was very pleased to receive the news from Milada, that her girl Ani is pictured on the Cover of the January 2006 issue of the Slovak RR Club-magazine. Click HERE to visit the RRSK page.

Lots of new pics, please click to visit:
HV´s Amber Lady - "Amber"
HV´s Abas Abeni - "Abeni"
HV´s Artful Creation - "Lena"
HV´s African Bhanu Zulu - "Bhanu"
HV´s Al´Nair - "Khani"
HV´s Assegai Fire - "Lisa"
HV´s Angel for Luanda - "Ani"