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21 December 2007

Ani BISS Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda got her own article and
advertisment in the latest issue of the "Ridgeback Register", dealing
with her Best In Specialty Show win in September.
Please click in the image to read more in PDF-format!

Special thanks Theresa M. Lyons for permssion to publish this extrait.
In case you wish to learn more about the"
Ridgeback Register"or order
issues, please follow the link HERE.

15 December 2007

The world´s best Leo is celebrating his 8th Birthday today! And since he
always fears we might forget to bring him his gifts, he "selected" his first
gift of the day personally by himself from the waste bin ... so typical ;o)

30 November 2007

Our boy Leo now has his own section at Milada Krchnavá´s photogallery,
simply click on the image below!

27 November 2007

The individual pages of our B-litter-trio have been updated, providing
several new pictures. Some text will be added soom I hope.

Hillvalley´s Baboon

Hillvalley´s Blossom

Hillvalley´s Bit of Heaven

* * *

There are plenty of beautiful new shots of our girl
Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration, taken by Milada Krchnavá. Just click
on the image below to go directly at her section at
"MK Gallery".

Thank you very much, Milada, for these wonderful photographs!

20 November 2007

Finally, it was time for some new pictures of our "Oldies",
just click on the photos below.

15 November 2007

Tomorrow we will have to part with the puppies, but here come some
pictures showing them still being all together. Each pup has not its own
site at the section

13 November 2007

Our B-litter is 9 weeks old now and the Babies will leave our home soon ...
but first here come some picture of the previous week.

* * *

Handsome Khani Hillvalley´s Al`Nair paid us and the pups a visit, view
new pictures of him at his own site!

09 November 2007

We are very pleased to announce the x-ray results of our offspring girl
Hillvalley´s Ardent Spirit, she was graded as

HD-A, ED-0 and OCD-free.

Big congratualtions to owners Denise and Tobi on "Kira Itsy Bitsy" ;o)

Kira in Bad Wildungen 2006

06 November 2007

New puppy pictures of week 8 can be found here!

05 November 2007

Last weekend the sire of our current B-litter,
BISS Ch Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu, attained a Show in Metz/F
under judge Mr Christian Jouanchicot. He awarded Ulanyo

Exc, 1st along with CACIB.

This was the elusive point for Ulanyo to complete his
(if I may say well-deserved) new title

***International Champion FCI*** !!!

I am very very happy for this great achievement and would like to extend
my hearty congrats to his owners Jana and Jan Mach!

BISS Int* D Ch Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu (Imp. RSA)

*confirmation pending

The album of the pups 7th week has been completed, including a lovely
extra-series by Mr Dietmar Gabriel, thanks a lot for these pictures!

(Click on image to view the series)

* * *

Handsome BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu went off showing last weekend
in Hannover/D, judge Mrs Gisa Schicker/D awarded him in Open Class nicely
Excellent, 3rd in class.

As a very welcome bonus this Open Class result completes Bhanu´s Stud Approval Test, well done!

27 October 2007

New baby-pictures of their 7th week!

22 October 2007

Once again a lovely achievement for the A-team:
Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda entered at the Int. Show in Budapest/H
on 21 October and competed under judge Mr Valdimir Piskay/SK in Open class and was awarded

Excellent, 2nd, Res.CC and Res.CACIB!

* * *

And of course, pictures of our current B-litter´s 6th week.

16 October 2007

Already one week without new puppy pictures ... here they come,
photos from our current B-litter´s 5th week!

* * *

Bhanu BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu went showing last weekend in Dortmund under judge Mr Lothar Scheider/D in Open class and got

Excellent, 2nd, Res.CC!

This was Bhanu´s first appearance in an "adult" class and I am very happy he did so well at the beginning of this new period.

Mr Charming: Bhanu

* * *

And there are new picture in the site of Lena Hillvalley´s Artful Creation!

09 October 2007

New pictures of our current B-litter, week 4 and week 5.

08 Oktober 2007

Some lovely new RR-calendars have been published recently, two of them are special to me and that´s why I would like to introduce them to you:

Photographer and editor is Milada Krchnavá, Luanda Kennels, who owns
our offspring girl "Ani" Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda. For more
information or order form please click on the image above!

* * *

This calendar by Karin van Klaveren, Kisangani Kennels, already
has a fixed place in the RR-world ;o). Among others, you can
also find a picture of the sire of our current B-litter,
"Ulanyo" BISS Glenafrric Ulanyo of Zuritamu.

* * *

03 October 2007

... and here come the latest shots of week 4!

* * *

02 October 2007

Time is flowing by, our new Babies are already three weeks old and start becoming litte "Rockers" - their weekly updated picture page of
week 3 is finished now.

This is how we are introducing them to Africa´s wild game ;o)

26 September 2007

The gallery for the babies´ 3rd week is open now!

* * *

20 September 2007

We have added some new shots of the B-Babies in their 2nd week.

I also received some lovely holiday pictures from Abeni aka
Hillvalley´s Abas Abeni, thanks a lot Birgit!

* * *

18 September 2007

Outstanding Show weekend for Ani!

The Czech RR-Club had its 15th Anniversary, and that was being celebrated
with a big dual Specialty with well-known judges from overseas and was held
at Orlík-Resort/CZ. Livernosed beauty Ani Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda
was also there ... and definitely strutted he stuff!

15 Sep 07: judge Mr Frank dePaulo, Tahari Kennels/USA,
Clubwinner 2007 and Best Bitch
(from an entry of 178 overall, 97 females)

But there was more to come, in the special competitions she achieved
Best Head and Best Gaited in Show!

* * *

16 Sep 07: judge Mrs Alicia Mohr Hanna, Kimani Kennels/USA,
(from approx. 150 dogs)

It is always something extraordinary to take the top honours at a
Specialty, but even more in such competition and under such highly
respected breeder/judges of international reputation. It is hard to express
how proud I am of my winning team, thank you very much Milada and Tom for
campaigning Ani so beautifully, this is beyond my dreams.
Keep your great work up!

Best Gaited in Show

Ani, Milada and judge Alicia Mohr Hanna [Kimani]

Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda & Ch Kennebec Come True

* * *

16 September 2007

Our A-litter turns 2 years old today, heartiest congratulations :o).

* * *

14 September 2007

You can watch the development of our newborn B-litter here, pictures will be updated weekly.

I also did some "homework" and created a pictorial 6-genartion-pedigree for
that litter, please click

* * *

12 September 2007

Birthdays ...

Our long awaited B-litter has arrived on 11 September, although it was a
long and hard way into life. Happiness and Sadness are sometimes very close
to ech other
...Diva should have had five puppies, unfortunately two gorgeous
boys were too weak and died shortly after birth.
This keeps us remaining with two girls and one boy and of course our
proud and fit mum Diva.

The pups were born on their sire BISS Ch Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu´s
Birthday, to whom we send belayed birthday wishes.

More pictures to come soon ...

One of our "three Musketeers"

* * *

10 September 2007

No puppies yet ...

* * *

31 August 2007

Not even two more weeks to go and our whelping box will hopefully
inhabited by our expected puppies instead of these "old ones"
here ;o) ... we certainly have to improve the comfort until then.
The mother-to-be, "Diva"
Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration is doing very
well and we all look very much foward to the event ahead of us.

* * *

28 August 2007

Here come -somewhat belayed- the latest show results of
Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda and Milada, who competed at the
double CACIB-Show in Bratislava/SK:

18.August, judge Ludmila Fintorová/SK: 1st, CAC and Res.CACIB

19.August, judge Viera Staviarska/SK: 2nd, Res.CAC

Many congratulations!!!

* * *

I also updated the pages of Ani, the links and the planned litter section.

* * *

13 August 2007

First of all, we are very happy and pleased to announce that Diva and Ulanyo
will become parents! Today´s ultrasound has confirmed her pregnancy, so we are looking much forward now to
our B-litter around 10 September.
More about this combination you can find at the "planned litter" section.

Connected to that, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations
to the sire to be of this litter, Ch Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu on recently finishing his Clubchampionship Title of RRCD!

* * *

Lovely new pictures of Lena aka Hillvalley´s Artful Creation!

* * *

Bhanu BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu came back to the showrings
after a little break and achieved in Berghem/NL under judge Mr Weeks/USA
Excellent, 1st place in Intermediate class. The very next day, he was
honoured to be awarded
Excellent, 2nd place in Intermediate class along with Res.CC (VDH) and Res.CC (CLub E.L.S.A) under judge Mr Joop Hiddes/NL!

"Mr.B" enjoying himself ringside in Ludwigshafen

* * *

His litter sister Ani Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda meanwhile managed
a fabulous BOS-win (breed entry 103) at the Specialty Clubshow of SKRR
under judge Mr Mézarós/SK, gaining the elusive point to become
NEW CLUBCHAMPION of the Slovak RR-Club!!!

New Clubchampion of SKCHR Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda
photo: Milada Krchnavá

BIG congratulations to all, you´re doing a great job!

* * *

03 August 2007

We will be on holiday until 12 August ;o)

* * *

13 July 2007

I still lack my usual "connectivity", so in case you sent me an eMail and
didn´t get back a reply so far please contact me once more!

* Our "Diva" was mated to Ch Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu on
11. and 12. July. Read more about this planned combination
at the
planned litter section.

* Ani aka Ch Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda was once again successful, she attained the RR-Summercamp in Czech Rep. and gained the following
results at the included show:

1st place in Champion class bitches, Best Bitch, BOS

1st place in competition Best Headed

2nd place in Competition Best Gaited.

Super results and big congratulations to her owners Milada and Tom! More pictures and information is available at Kennel Luanda Website.

* * *

02 July 2007

Well, since I have been without Internet-access for weeks now,
here comes only a short update:

* Diva started her season

* Ani wins again CAC and CACIB, this time in Hungary. Yahooo!

* * *

18 June 2007

A little bit of Ridgeback-history ...

Last weekend it became official, that Ani has completed the requirements
to become
new Champion of the czech RR-Club CKRR.
Suffice to say, we are so happy and proud of her achievements - this also
makes her mum Diva and dad Gianni´s first champion offspring. Big big congratulations to Ani and her owners Milada and Tom - yahoo!!!

SK-W´07 ClubCh JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda

I also realised that by gaining her title Ani made some kind of
Ridgeback-history, since she ist the

*** first german-bred Livernose-Champion ***


06 June 2007

And Ani did it again ;o) ... at the National Show in Senec/SK on
01 June she once again won Intermediate class under judge
Mrs Ludmila Fintorová/SK with Excellent, 1st and CAC.
The very next day she received Excellent, 1st, CAC and Res.CACIB
under judge Mr Stefan Stefik. Well done, guys. This brings her tally to
no less than 12 CAC´s from various countries, wow!
We wish the best of luck to Milada and Ani, who will compete at the
Euro-Dogshow in Zagreb/HR this weekend.

* * *

29 May 2007

The planned litter site has been updated with new pictures of the
sire to be. Many thanks to photographer
Karin van Klaveren for letting
us use these lovely shots.
More extraordinary RR-pictures can be viewed at her photo-webpage
"Aus nächster Nähe".

* * *

Ani SK-W´07 JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda was once again successful.
Hearty congratulations to her and Milada on winning Intermediate class with
Excellent, 1st, CAC and Res.CACIB in Budapest/H on 26 May.
Judge was Mr Dr. Milivoje Urosevic/SCG - very well done!

* * *

I found time to collect some unpublished pictures from February and March,
the galleries
Bhanu, Diva & Leo on tour has been refreshed and there is a
new gallery of siblings
Kanzi and Bhanu meeting.

* * *

We visted our friend Mrs Kirstin Janson, Nombeko Kennel, and were
invited to spend some time with the puppies from her current C-litter.
Our kids Sophie and Philipp had a great time, see for yourself

* * *

24 May 2007

Our planned litter page has been updated!

* * *

22 May 2007

A bit belayed come some pictures from the past weekend, when
Hillvalley´s Arctic Blue paid us a visit. Thank you very much to
her owner Dietmar for some lovely shots!

* * *

Just two days before, Bhanu BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu and his
human "mum" and "dad" were here - see the resulting pictures at his own
website, just click on the logo to go there:

* * *

15 May 207

Ani is unstoppable!!!

JCH SK-W´07 Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda aka Ani is still living life in
the fast lane. Together with her owners Milada and Tom we feel so
fortunate that she once again gained some terriffic results:

Int. Show Bratislava/SK on 12 May, judge Mr Erdos Laszlo/H,
Intermediate class:
Excellent, 1st, CAC and CACIB

Clubshow SKCHR Bratislava/SK on 13 May, judge and breedspecialist Mrs Elisabeth Hammerschmidt/A, Intermediate class:
Excellent, 1st, CAC and Club-CAC

Furthermore, Ani participated in some Specialty classes:

Best Ridge - 1st place

Best Head (bitches) - 2nd place

Best Gaited - 2nd place

Ani proudly presenting her winners ribbons

* * *

But the day was not yet over -
Ani also passed the
stud approval test with SKCHR on 13 May 2007!!!
We wish Milada and Tom of Luanda Kennels/SK the best of luck for their future breeding plans and are confident, that Ani will pass on her outstanding
qualities to her offspring.
This is the second A-litter-kid out of Diva and Gianni to pass such a test. For proud mum Diva certainly a nice "Mother´s Day gift" ;o)

* * *

Meanwhile, we spend the last weekend in Belgium, with loads of hard
work in order to let our old Lady "Vicki" undergo an optical refit.
As you can see below our efforts were not in vain - we proudly present
this year´s working crew with the result:

6,5 KR Sea Cruiser, wood, built 1966 at Warrings in Bremerhaven/D

If everything goes to plan, we should participate at the Classic Ship
Oostende voor Anker in Belgium during Whitsun.

However, there was also some time left for pleasure:

Sophie and Philipp at work ... or so?!

No no, I won´t give you my Dummy

The beach is mine


* * *

08 Mai 2007

I am very proud of Ani´s continued success, last weekend she gained
the following results:

CKRR Clubshow in Vrchotovy Janovice (CZ) under judge
Mrs Rita Reyniers (B) -
Excellent 1st place, CC

National Show in Banská Bystrica (SK) under judge
Mr Jan Pilat -
Excellent 3rd place

* * *

During the past weeks I received so many lovely new pictures, which I
hope to publish step by step in galleries. Here comes the first series,
taken while
Bhanu and his humans paid us a visit in March. Thanks a lot
to Christian Schinkels for these nice shots!

please click on the image to proceed to the gallery!

24 April 2007

Show results ...

The Hillvalley´s gang had a really successful last weekend in Europe´s
showrings. Here come our results ;o) ...

RRCD Specialty/D on 21st April, judge Mr Hans Müller, CH:

BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu - Exc 2, Res.CC-VDH

Hillvalley´s Ardent Spirit - VG 2

EW´04 Int D Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration - Exc 3

RRCD Specialty Winner Show on 22nd April, judge Mr Piotr Sliwka, PL:

BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu - Exc 1st, CC-VDH

Hillvalley´s Ardent Spirit - VG 3

EW´04 Int D Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration - Exc 2nd, Res.CC-VDH

Many thanks to Silvia and Denise for picking up Diva for me, taking such good care her and handling my special girl!

* * *

At the Int. Show in Ceské Budejovice Milada and her girl
SK W´07 JCH Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda were successful once again.
Ani managed to become
best bitch by winning Exc 1st, CC and CACIB.
Judge was Mr Stefan Stefík,SK.
With this win Ani is getting closer to gaining Multichampion-status ;o) -
way to go!!!

Well done to all and congratulations to the proud owners!

18 April 2007

Lena, or officially Hillvalley´s Artful Creation, and her tribe were
"on tour" in the Bavarian Alps, here come some
pictures - thanks to owner Catharina!

A truly picturesque view at the Alps (and Lena of course!)

Smiiiiiile ;o)!

"I am so tired ... hope they will let me take a nap on the bench ... ?"

Ani is on a roll ;o)!

This girl is really unbelievable - Divie´s and Gianni´s beautiful daughter
SkW´07 JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda wins again

1 X CAC in Czech Republic under Mrs Ludmila Fintorová (SK) on 14th April
1 x CAC in Hungary under Mr Erdos Lázlo (H) on 15th April!

photo by Milada Krchnavá

12 April 2007

Ani strikes again!

Due to the Easter Holidays our congratulations are a bit delayed,
however we are thrilled with Milada´s and Ani´s continued success,
this time
SK-Winner´07 JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda
Excellent 1st along with CC in Szilvasvárad/Hungary on 08.04.2007!

03 April 2007

New pictures from our dogs Coursing

Last autumn we took our dogs Leo and Diva to the racing grounds of the
WRCV Landstuhl/D and we had a splendid time seing them
lure- and oval track Coursing. Now, a new photo
gallery has been created and is online. A big Thankyou to Kirstin Janson, Nombeko Ridgebacks, for great organization and beautiful pictures - enjoy!

01 April 2007

We are so very happy and proud about our handsome offspring boy
BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu (livernose)
passed the stud approval test with RRCD today! The test implies evaluation of character as well as breed type, health screening and gun-shot proofness. Bhanu gained positive results in all departments ;o)

We have also available the following x-ray results:

BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu : HD-A, ED-1, OCD-free

Hillvalley´s Assegai Fire : HD-A, ED-0 (OCD not x-rayed)

Thank you very much to the owners for these evaluations!

19 march 2007

Our unstoppable A-Team!

This weekend three siblings from our first litter have entered the show rings and performed beautifully! We were cheering and congratulate the proud owners from the bottom of our hearts :o)

JCh HV's Angel for Luanda won intermediate class in Nitra/SK with
excellent 1st place + CC
which gives her the privilege to add the following title to her name:
"Slovakian Winner 2007"

Slovakian Winner 2007 - JCh Hillvalley's Angel for Luanda

BISS HV's African Bhanu Zulu did it again! Bhanu got
excellent 1st place + CC
in Wermelskirchen/Germany, additionally he won the
Res. Club-CC and was thus awarded
second best male of the whole show

Silvia with Bhanu and judge R. Rotner

His sister Kira, HV's Ardent Spirit, won first place at her first outing in intermediate class at the same show:
Excellent 1st place + CC!

Silvia with Kira

All three winners are livernose, which makes these wins even more special to us. We are over the moon with these three youngsters, who are topping all our expectations!

14 March 2007

Together with Silvia, Christian and their boy Bhanu I attended the International Open Show in Offenburg/D. Ridgebacks were judged by Mr Hans Müller/CH. BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu competed in Intermediate class for the first time and we are very happy about his
Excellent, 1st place along with CC.
He was the only participant in his class to be awarded "Excellent" (equals champion quality grading) and it was his first point towards his german championship title - way to go!!!

* * *

After new shots of lovely Abeni I was very fortunate to receive some new ones of her sisters
Lisa aka Hillvalley´s Assegai Fire and Lena aka Hillvalley´s Artful Creation, too. Thank you so much to the owners of these girls!!!

(Please click as usual on the names marked in order to proceed to their individual pages.)

03 March 2007

Abeni´s site has been updated with a new photo.

25 Fabruary 2007

Bhanu aka BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhnu Zulu had another super Show weekend - at the combined Specialties in Glauchau/D he was entered in Junior class and received

on 24.02. an Excellent, 2nd place under judge Mr Kliebenstein/D,

on 25.05. an Excellent, 1st place, Junior CC and

Best in Specialty Show

under judge Mrs Agnes Ganamy Kertes/ISR !!!

Slowly but surely I start loosing my words regarding these outstanding achievements ;o) - I am very very happy and of course am sending out huge congratsto Bhanu and his owners Silvia and Christian!

"Team BISS" with judge Mrs Agnes Ganamy Kertes/ISR

10 February 2007

What a day!!!

We are really "over the moon" with today´s unbelievable success of Bhanu Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu, who won today´s combined Specialty Show in Castrop-Rauxel/D his class along
Junior CC and finally went on to win
BISS (Best in Specialty Show)
out of approx. 50 competing dogs. What an achievement for this young livernosed boy - thank you to judge Mrs Rita Reyniers/B.

"Mr Showstoppa" BISS Hillvalley´s African Bhanu Zulu
photo: Ilse Hulsebos

* * *

But the day was not over yet ...a little bite later I received the news that Milada and her Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda had competed in Intermediate class in Brno/CZ under Judge Mrs Lenka Frnčová/CZ and were awarded Excellent, 2nd, Reserve CAC!

What a weekend! My hearties congratulations to owners/handlers Slivia (Bhanu) and Milada (Ani), you´ve been doing us so proud, thank you Ladies!!!

29 January 2007

I received the diploma for Diva´s International Championship title, so she can now officially call herself

VDH-EW´04 Int D Champion Ozrhode Wild Inspiration

* * *
The link list has been revised and we added:

* Murumbi Kennels, S, Diva´s halfsister is living there

* Ridebow Kennels, S

* Pets on tour, travel scheme for pets

* Natural Dogmanship, a great way how to treat your dog (and for most RR owners probably the only way how to get along with their dogs ;o)?! )

28 January 2007

Unfortunately our visit to Multi Ch Tarujen Mabaru was not successful; despite prior testing we arrived too late in Finland and thus our B-litter will not be born in spring as planned.
Our disappointment was of course huge, however, we now look forward to Diva´s next season in summer. The sire to be of that litter has not been finlaized yet, please stay tuned.
My heartiest thankyou to Maru´s owners Miia and Tommi for all their help and support and making it such a nice stay! Maru is truly an outstanding dog and I hope we can make a mating come true in not too distant future.

* * *

Well, after rain comes sunshine ;o) - we are very pleased together with Milada and her girl JCH Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda about winning Intermediate class at the Show in Trencin on 27.01.07 along with

Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB !

What an outstanding achievement for this 16-month-old livernosed beauty, big congratulations, I am very proud!!!
Judge was Mrs Viera Staviarská/SK

13 January 2007

Ani -JCh Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda- had an excellent start at her first outing in intermediate class and was awarded

Excellent, 2nd place, Reserve CAC

at the national Show in Olomouc/CZ under judge Mr Petr Rehanek (CZ).
Good job, Ani and Milada ;o)!

02 Jan 2007

I received from Milada the news that in competition for the best
Show Dog of the Slovak Ridgeback-Club (SKCHR) her livernosed beauty
JCH Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda was awarded the title

SKCHR Vice-Junior Female 2006 !!!

Ani was old enough to compete in Junior class starting from June 2006, so just half a year, but including her two Juniorchampion titles
(SK and CZ) they have had an extremely good year though.
To me, it is really incredible what Ani and Milada have achieved so far - bin congratulations, I am so proud of the both of you!

* * *

Right before Christmas we went to do a health check with our dogs,
Diva´s blood test results were excellent and also all other screenings gave no hint for any deseases. Not that we had not known before ;o) ...
So now we can lean back and look forward to the planned mating, read more at it the "planned litter" section.

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